Living Together

This week my boyfriend moved into my apartment. I was nervous, but we both understood that it had to happen at some point. It has been more than one and a half years since we have been in a relationship, and living together was the logical next step. The first week so far has been […]

A new beginning

Its been about nine months since the last time I wrote a blog and lot of things have changed. I had a lot of fun in those nine months. I went out clubbing, dating and made several gay friends. I am now in a new relationship. He is 28 years old so around same age […]

Living Together

My boyfriend and I moved into an apartment in NYC back in late May. Living with my boyfriend is very different from going out for dates or even traveling for weeks together. We have to give each other some space and adjust ourselves to the habits of the other. Since we both lived by ourselves […]

You Go Mariko!

I recently saw this interview of a transgender Tibetan in Dharmsala, India. Her name is Mariko. I think she is amazing. In the interview, she talks about feeling like a woman in a man’s body. She was ordained as a monk from young age and had to struggle with her hormones, social pressure, and responsibilities […]


When I was single I used to think I will never be satisfied with settling down in a relationship. I used to say to myself, there are plenty of fish in the sea so why stick with one. After being in a relationship for more than a year, my love for my boyfriend has only grown […]

Give it a go!

Its been almost a year since I have been in a relationship. I have always been afraid of getting into a relationship and commitment but I am pleasantly surprised. I am always happy to see him and we often talk for hours on whole range of topics from Donald Trump to cats. Sometimes it is […]

I came out to my brother

About a week ago, I had a health issue and ended up staying in hospital for few days.  While at the hospital the gastroenterologists decided to perform endoscopy, it usually takes only half to one hour but due to some unexpected problem they had to intubate me overnight. Throughout the process my boyfriend was beside […]