Interesting Article on “Gay Gene”

I read this article today by Prof. Jenny Graves on the Post. Her article is about scientific research on homosexuality and how homosexuality is not just a human phenomenon. She concludes her article with the following paragraphs which I thought was very interesting.

“If there are male-loving and female-loving alleles of tens or hundreds of genes battling it out in the population, everyone will inherit a mixture of different variants. Combined with environmental influences, it will be hard to detect individual genes.

It’s a bit like height, which is influenced by variants in thousands of genes, as well as the environment, and produces a ‘continuous distribution’ of people of different heights. At the two extremes are the very tall and the very short. 

In the same way, at each end of a continuous distribution of human mating preference, we would expect the ‘very male-loving’ and the ‘very female-loving’ in both sexes. Gay men and lesbian women may simply be the two ends of the same distribution.”

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