Meeting Other LGBT Tibetans

Before I started this blog I didn’t know a single LGBT Tibetans. It has been eight months since I started blogging in the hopes of meeting other LGBT Tibetans. Now I am in touch with eight gay Tibetans (4 in US, 1 in Canada and 3 in India), one trans Tibetan (US) and several supporters.

Recently I met two gay Tibetans, one in the east coast and one in the west coast. I had great time hanging out with them and we are now good friends! I also often chat with one of the gay tibetan friends in India!

I am very conscious of their privacy and never give out their names or contact informations without their prior approval. But I think creating a network of LGBT Tibetan support group is important so I usually ask them if they are interested in connecting with other LGBT Tibetans. Most of them are happy to network. I am glad to have met nine LGBT Tibetans and I am very optimistic of meeting lot more in the coming months!

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