When My Friend Came Out

Yesterday, I was talking to one of my Chinese friends, he is an intelligent guy in his mid thirties, got his MD at the Harvard Medical School. He told me that his mom had been suffering from a type of cancer for sometime. He loved his mom more than anything else but she and the rest of his family didn’t know he was gay. He didn’t want to let her die without telling her about this signifiant part of his life. So he came out to her recently.

His mom cried, and urged him to reconsider his choice.

I can see sadness in his teary eyes, because he cannot change how he was born, it was not a “choice”. Trying to convince her of this was neither easy nor the time. He did what he thought was the right thing to do, he told her the only thing she didn’t know about her son.

He is not sure whether he will ever tell his dad.

One thought on “When My Friend Came Out

  1. I am also a chinese,but I am in china now.You should be more brave to pursue your love with your boyfriend,this is a cultural different,time will help your boyfriend’mother forgive it.I am also a gay,but I can hardly make it come out to anyone that surrounding of me.


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