Same-Sex Marriage

Last Friday, the Supreme Court of the United States legalized same sex marriage throughout the fifty states and it was a momentous occasion for me and majority of the country. It is also a momentous occasion for the world. Although US image had faced some bumps in the last decade, this country is often the standard barer. I hope rest of the world will follow and provide this basic right to their citizens.
I am in a relationship and its been about seven months now. I feel like I am falling deeper into him as we spend more time together. But last week when my colleague asked me whether I have a girl friend, I can’t seem to get the courage to say, “No, but I do have a boyfriend!” instead I said, “yes, I am in a relationship”. I don’t know whether it was because of my focus on my career or my lack of courage. Probably, both. In my mind I was thinking of how me coming out to them can potentially impact our teamwork and how it might cloud their image of me.
Changes in the environment can only take me so far. The law of the land has changed at an extraordinary speed but my mindset has changed at a glacial pace. Ultimately, it is the change from within that will set me free.

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