When I was single I used to think I will never be satisfied with settling down in a relationship. I used to say to myself, there are plenty of fish in the sea so why stick with one. After being in a relationship for more than a year, my love for my boyfriend has only grown deeper. But a relationship is only temporary when we can’t trust each other. We faced series of issues since late last year and I am not sure whether we can build back the trust.
I think he still loves me, but we can’t escape the fact that I am not enough for him. I still remember the first time he said “I love you” while we were in my bed, at that time I was afraid that this was going to happen. We are in different stages of our lives, so I am not going to blame him for his feelings for others. I am not angry; I just feel pain.

2 thoughts on “Love

  1. 只管走过去,不必逗留采了的花朵来保存,因为一路上花朵自会继续开放的。——泰戈尔


  2. Don’t worry,if it is a true love you don’t need to worry at all.
    Love is love (precious).u just need to overcomes all those obstacles pile up for you by trust,love,positivity.
    wish to see you n ur be pics together.
    I support you.😊😊


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