You Go Mariko!

I recently saw this interview of a transgender Tibetan in Dharmsala, India. Her name is Mariko. I think she is amazing. In the interview, she talks about feeling like a woman in a man’s body. She was ordained as a monk from young age and had to struggle with her hormones, social pressure, and responsibilities that come with being a monk. After years as a monk, she left monkhood and gradually started the process of coming out. Having the courage to come out while living in Dharamsala is no small thing, it is truly inspiring.

She had to face prejudice but like she says in the interview she was more concerned with the social pressure that her parents had to endure when she was in the process of coming-out. Her parents, especially her mom faced pressure from her friends, relatives, and even complete strangers. But Mariko now seems to be thriving in Dharamsala, surrounded by her supportive friends and accepting family. She is truly a pioneer.

You Go Mariko!

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