Dating a Gay Tibetan

This time last year I was in Puerto Rico with my boyfriend on a holiday and I felt like I had everything I wanted. One year later, he is my ex and I am in my bed in NYC writing this blog and two hour from now I will be on a date with another guy.

I turned 30 recently and I feel weird. I have never felt comfortable with my age. I always felt like I am too old. When it comes to age, I am more of a glass half empty type.

Anyway, so I broke up with my ex back in November. I think it is good for both of us. We are in very different stages of our lives and our priorities are very different. Now we are both dating other guys. I have dated Chinese, Koreans, Thai, and other nationalities but I am nervous of starting a relationship with them. It is hard for them to understand my background and it is hard for me to understand theirs. I sometimes wish that I can find a Tibetan guy, he will understand me and I will understand him. I might be wrong but I will never know since I have never dated a Tibetan and chances are pretty slim.

One thought on “Dating a Gay Tibetan

  1. Hi I was surprisingly come up with your website about you coming out as a tibetan gay which I was happily surprised with such a grace reading all your articles.I am a tibetan guy .i tried to look up your photo any reference so that I could see your face but it’s fine .I still in our tibetan community is there a lot any tibetan guys came out from the closet you have known in india or in abroad ..if gives other tibetan guys a big courage to come out and feel free to come out to find their true love too.
    With best regards.

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