Dating a Gay Tibetan

This time last year I was in Puerto Rico with my boyfriend on a holiday and I felt like I had everything I wanted. One year later, he is my ex and I am in my bed in NYC writing this blog and two hour from now I will be on a date with another guy.

I turned 30 recently and I feel weird. I have never felt comfortable with my age. I always felt like I am too old. When it comes to age, I am more of a glass half empty type.

Anyway, so I broke up with my ex back in November. I think it is good for both of us. We are in very different stages of our lives and our priorities are very different. Now we are both dating other guys. I have dated Chinese, Koreans, Thai, and other nationalities but I am nervous of starting a relationship with them. It is hard for them to understand my background and it is hard for me to understand theirs. I sometimes wish that I can find a Tibetan guy, he will understand me and I will understand him. I might be wrong but I will never know since I have never dated a Tibetan and chances are pretty slim.

2 thoughts on “Dating a Gay Tibetan

  1. Hi I was surprisingly come up with your website about you coming out as a tibetan gay which I was happily surprised with such a grace reading all your articles.I am a tibetan guy .i tried to look up your photo any reference so that I could see your face but it’s fine .I still in our tibetan community is there a lot any tibetan guys came out from the closet you have known in india or in abroad ..if gives other tibetan guys a big courage to come out and feel free to come out to find their true love too.
    With best regards.

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  2. I am looking for some gay male Tibetan friends. I’m a Westerner living in NYC, but the best phase of my life was spent in the Amdo grasslands & im homesick or maybe I should say soul sick. I wish to get involved in helping Tibetan causes in NYC but was hoping to make some gay friends who might help me. I found the Tibet Equality Project but it seems to have never gotten off the ground. Anyhow if you feel compelled to contact me, my email is Thank you for your insightful, beautiful & brave blog.


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