A new beginning

Its been about nine months since the last time I wrote a blog and lot of things have changed. I had a lot of fun in those nine months. I went out clubbing, dating and made several gay friends. I am now in a new relationship. He is 28 years old so around same age as me. His personality is opposite of my ex. We don’t live together and I think we will not live together anytime soon. If I learned anything from my last relationship, don’t live with my bf. It’s a recipe for disaster.

Few months ago I was approached by a small group of LGBT and allies from Tibet via this blog. I was pleasantly surprised. We now have a WeChat group and last time I checked we had ten members, majority of them from Tibet. I hope this group will expand and will turn into a true support group for LGBT Tibetans around the world.

Anyway have a great new year! I will try to blog more regularly, promise… kinda haha




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