I hope you are doing well. 

2020 has been a dark year and our generation will probably be always associated with it, “the pandemic generation”. I hope we are coming close to the end of this unending cycle of bad news. I don’t want to waste time talking about what you already know and experienced. I hope you and your loved ones are doing well. 

I am doing fine, and my family has been very fortunate so far. None of us had any serious health issues or COVID19 infections or lost our jobs or income source. But like everyone, we are all impacted in many other ways. Most of us have been working from home since March and it is probably going to be the case until mid-next year.  

My boyfriend moved in with me mid last year and it has been a smooth sail but with the lockdown back in March I was nervous about how we can give each other enough personal space while living in the same small apartment 24×7. It was weird in the beginning; it took time to adjust. Few months ago, we moved into a much larger apartment with our individual work rooms. We created a morning and weekend routine and followed them diligently. It has helped to keep us mentally and physically somewhat healthy. We run and workout at an open gym at our neighborhood park every weekday. We also go on long walks around the city and eat out every weekend. 

I miss face to face interactions with people and building new connections. I miss traveling, not necessarily the work trips but vacations. The lockdown started two days before my flight to Switzerland back in March, and my trips to Mexico and later this year to South East Asia are all dashed. Hopefully by late February to March, the vaccine will be available for most of us and we can all travel. It probably sounds very optimistic, but why not! 🙂

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