Its about 2:40am here and I can’t fall asleep. So I thought why not use the time to write up a quick blog.

I am getting married! My bf and I have been thinking about it for a while, although I don’t find the idea of marriage particularly appealing nonetheless it is the ultimate path to “settling down”, partnering and creating some sort of security. 

We discussed about marriage while we were in Las Vegas last weekend and we decided to move forward. It was not like one of those typical romantic movie scenes when the guy proposes to love of his life with a diamond ring, in front of everyone. We were in bed, woke up early because of the time difference (ET/PT). It was not a romantic conversation either but a practical one.

Decision to get married took about a year, it’s not an easy decision at first but longer I thought about it, my decision became lot easier. Since we have been living together for almost 1.5yrs, things won’t be that different after marriage. Also I try to look at marriage for what it is, a legal contract. We have all fallen in love multiple times in our lives and sometimes these feelings remain with you. So marriage is in a way partnering with the one you find most practical. It is a decision that is made more with your head than your heart. 

We are getting married later this month and will be husband and husband! The word “husband” sounds weird to me. I have lots of confused and often conflicting thoughts about the idea of marriage and I will blog more about it later. It’s 3am now. Got to sleep! 

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