You Go Mariko!

I recently saw this interview of a transgender Tibetan in Dharmsala, India. Her name is Mariko. I think she is amazing. In the interview, she talks about feeling like a woman in a man’s body. She was ordained as a monk from young age and had to struggle with her hormones, social pressure, and responsibilities […]


When I was single I used to think I will never be satisfied with settling down in a relationship. I used to say to myself, there are plenty of fish in the sea so why stick with one. After being in a relationship for more than a year, my love for my boyfriend has only grown […]

I came out to my brother

About a week ago, I had a health issue and ended up staying in hospital for few days.  While at the hospital the gastroenterologists decided to perform endoscopy, it usually takes only half to one hour but due to some unexpected problem they had to intubate me overnight. Throughout the process my boyfriend was beside […]

When My Friend Came Out

Yesterday, I was talking to one of my Chinese friends, he is an intelligent guy in his mid thirties, got his MD at the Harvard Medical School. He told me that his mom had been suffering from a type of cancer for sometime. He loved his mom more than anything else but she and the […]

Coming Out to Yourself

The first time when I fell in “love”, I was in love with a girl and I was five. We were in the same kindergarten. Even during my early puberty when I was no longer grossed out by the concept of sex and I gradually realized my sexual attraction to men, I was madly in […]

Interesting Article on “Gay Gene”

I read this article today by Prof. Jenny Graves on the Post. Her article is about scientific research on homosexuality and how homosexuality is not just a human phenomenon. She concludes her article with the following paragraphs which I thought was very interesting. “If there are male-loving and female-loving alleles of tens or hundreds of genes […]

Whats gay in conservative cultures?

While I was in a boarding school, I knew several guys at school who actually had anal sex with other guys but they never thought of it as “gay” because there was no such concept. They think of it as the next best thing to a vaginal sex but better than masturbation. I think this mindset […]