Coming Out to Yourself

The first time when I fell in “love”, I was in love with a girl and I was five. We were in the same kindergarten. Even during my early puberty when I was no longer grossed out by the concept of sex and I gradually realized my sexual attraction to men, I was madly in […]

Interesting Article on “Gay Gene”

I read this article today by Prof. Jenny Graves on the Post. Her article is about scientific research on homosexuality and how homosexuality is not just a human phenomenon. She concludes her article with the following paragraphs which I thought was very interesting. “If there are male-loving and female-loving alleles of tens or hundreds of genes […]

Whats gay in conservative cultures?

While I was in a boarding school, I knew several guys at school who actually had anal sex with other guys but they never thought of it as “gay” because there was no such concept. They think of it as the next best thing to a vaginal sex but better than masturbation. I think this mindset […]

Straight, Bi or Gay?

When faced with a complex issue, we tend to over simplify. For example, when we are faced with evaluating students, we tend to categorize them based on their grade (A, B, …, F) from an hour long exam. Before even getting to the effectiveness of exam, I want to talk about the over simplified grading […]

Pages of Life

Life often seem like a book with a same page repeated multiple times. Most of us do the same thing again and again; it’s a constant repetition of same or similar things that form our lives. For me, I wake up at 7:30, shower, breakfast, drive to office, check emails, meetings, emails, drive back home, […]

My First Blog!

Being a Tibetan is often be a lonely experience. We are often the minority our own town and usually surrounded by people of other ethnicities. Most Tibetans find themselves at home when they are around Tibetans in their close-knit Tibetan communities in different parts of the world. However, as a gay Tibetan I feel lonely even […]